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Admin's introduction

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Admin's introduction Empty Admin's introduction

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:49 am

:hi:all my friends,

Im the administrator of this forum. people from all over the world are welcome. you can add me in mig33 id and chat with me. but please dont ask about forum and posts there. but you ca private chat in this forum or can email me.
mig33 is mostly used for chatting. but if u wisely use it u can find many many enjoyments in mig33. our forum wil give guidelines for wise usage of mig33 and exlore the screts of all mig33 stuffs like tricks and tips, latest softwares.
please all follow our forum rules and respect all users as equally
As we know all having mig333 enemies we used to fight with them in mig33, but i request u mosytly moderators not to fight with any users.

blinking star thank you for ving me page blinking star

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